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    We Speak PC is an affordable and reliable computer/network repair solution. Our processes are designed with you in mind. Together, we then mold your solution even further to suit your individual and business needs.
    We provide true practical and affordable support for the real world environment. Our technicians are bachelor degreed and are professionally experienced so that quality and customer satisfaction is not sacraficed. We move quickly because your time is valuable. Our final turn around times average around 3 days or less.

    About Us

    What we offer

    Business IT Solutions
    Personal IT Solutions
    Network Environment Support
    Server and PC support
    Microsoft Windows Repair
    Computer (Desktop and Laptop) Hardware
    LCD and Motherboard Repair
    Data Backup Solutions
    Virus Removal

    Ideal Solutions

    Business Solutions
    Personal Solutions
    Fully customizable
    We work with you and your vendors.

    Our Technicians

    Our technicians are college degreed.
    Highly skilled
    Professionally Experienced
    Do not hide behind walls


    Flat Fee Service $90

    Probably one of the most cost effective services offered by any computer & network repair company. All applicable offsite services for a flatfee. If needed, we continue the job onsite where the hourly rate may apply.

    Onsite Service $60/hr

    Our Onsite service is provided at an hourly rate. We DO NOT charge per service and offer our offsite service for any services that may take too long so that your costs remain low and under budget.

    Remote Service $48.59/Hr

    There are many computer issues that may arise that do not need a technician to be onsite. For those service we offer a remote service where your issues will be addressed and/or fixed for a lower hourly rate.

    Business Maintenace (call for pricing)

    Monthly Maintenance of all PCs and servers.
    Monthly Flat fee maintenance package included.
    Monthly Onsite Visits available.

    “A computer is your tool to produce from your experience and intelligence. They should make your environment yours, not the other way around.”
    We Speak PC Motto


    Along with our basic services (Listed to the right) We offer personalized business plans tailored to your needs.

    Flat Fee Service


    • Server Support
    • Project Management
    • Virus, Spyware and Malware Removal
    • Computer Maintenance and Optimization
    • Laptop LCD Repair
    • Motherboard Repalcement
    • Data Recovery
    • Memory Upgrades
    • Peripheral upgrade
    • Call for more.

    Onsite Service

    $60 /Hr.

    • Network Support
    • Server Support
    • Project Management
    • Computer maintenance and optimization
    • Memory Upgrades
    • Peripheral upgrade
    • Call for more.

    For Your Information

    • Increasing Wireless speeds for free

      Most devices today are wireless. If your Internet Provider also provides your wireless, you may be only getting a fraction of the speeds you are paying for. CHECK FOR YOURSELF!!! If you go to http://www.speedtest.net from a device that is wireless as well as a device that is directly plugged into your internet modem and notice a significant difference in speed, you should call us right away for a solution.

    • Our Blog

      We are attempting to keep you informed. From anywhere to do it yourself projects, to computer programming and even just cool projects. Check us out and tell us what you think.